ABC Letters of the Alphabet for Children. Fun ABC Printables & Learning Activities for Kids


Letters of the Alphabet. Fun 1-26 ABC English Alphabet learning activities for children. Welcome to the world of ABC fun.

Download and print our fun and free ABC Alphabet Letters and activities for kids young and old, pre-k, preschool / kindergarten, primary and even elementary students.

Letters of the AlphabetSome ABC printables include: Numbered ( Numerically ) Listed Letters, Alphabets In Cursive

Bubble letters: Red bubble letters, Black letters

Animal shaped alphabets

ABC Coloring book ( letters with words ). A for Apple, B for Balloon, C for Car, D for Dog, E for Elephant, etc

This free coloring book with A to Z letters is great for kindergartners. 

Alphabets with Animal Clip Art, Alphabet Letters to Print and Color ( Coloring Pages ), Alphabets with Corresponding Numbers, Alphabet Letters With Animals to Color 

Phonics for Kids!

We have Alphabet flash cards with phonics for kids. Download our free Alphabet Flashcards with Phonics

Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets

Download our free letter templates for handwriting. These tracing templates are available in uppercase letters and lowercase letter.

Big and Small Letter Templates

These are big and small letters available in pdf charts.

Latest Alphabet Set

Letters and Alphabets | Sun 18, 2015

Starlight Display Classroom Wall Alphabet Letters - Orange Printable letters for School classroom walls. Starlight style letters in Orange. Available in 3 large sizes to print. Sta... Read More

Fun facts:

How many letters are in the Alphabet?
Answer: 26 Letters

What are the most frequently used Alphabet letters ?
The top 10 most frequently used letters in English are in order. Letter E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, R, D

What does each letter in the alphabet mean?
The English Alphabet letters alone means nothing. Alphabet letters have to be combined together so words are created which have a specific meaning. Think scrabble. However there are exceptions with letters such as A and I

What letters are vowels? The vowel letters are A, E, I, O and U 

Unlike Alphabets or characters if different languages such as Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Japanese, Jewish and others. The English Alphabet letters are much easier to remember as it consists of only 26 Alphabet upper case ( capital ) and lower case ( small ) letters. We use a selection of different fonts to create fun and creative Alphabet templates which you can print.

Did you know there is a Sign language alphabet that allows people to communicate with hands? Sign language alphabets are simple hand signs / gestures that describe letters and words, and essentially allow people who have disabilities to communicate with one another.


Missing Alphabet Letter Worksheets

Missing Alphabet Letter Worksheets

Missing printable alphabet letter worksheets. Fill in the missing alphabet letters in the blank cells.

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Matching Alphabet Letter Worksheets

Matching Alphabet Letter Worksheets

Matching alphabet letter worksheets. Match the alphabet letters from the left and right columns together by drawing a line across.

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Stylish Calligraphy Alphabet Letters

Stylish Letters of the alphabet

Stylish calligraphic and cursive style formal letter designs. Legible script, stylish calligraphy alphabet templates to print.

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Outline Display Alphabet Letters

Outline Letters of the alphabet

Outline chalk display, hollow Sans-serif style alphabet letter designs to print. Black board themed letters.

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Japanese Asian Alphabet Letters

Japanese Letters of the alphabet

Japanese Asian looking, ninja and samurai themed oriental alphabet letter stencils to print.

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Halloween Creepy Alphabet Letters

Halloween Letters of the alphabet

Creepy Halloween style horror and scary, Old english looking alphabet letters to print for Halloween crafts.

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Circle Dotted Alphabet Letters

Dotted Letters of the alphabet

Dotted alphabet letters with circles. Letters with dots shaped designs to print.

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Cut Out Scrapbooking Alphabet Letters

Cut Out Scrapbooking Letters of the alphabet

Cut out letters for scrapbooking projects and activities. Alphabet letters to cut out and paste to print.

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Capital Uppercase Alphabet Letters

Capital Letters of the alphabet

A simple and professional looking Roman style, serif uppercase capital letters to print.

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Irish Celtic Alphabet Letters

Celtic Letters of the alphabet

Irish Celtic style decorative and elegant, Gaelic medieval looking printable alphabet letters.

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