Alphabet Letter Phonic Flash Cards Colored


Alphabet Letter Flash Cards Uppercase Colored

Flash Cards for students and teachers.  Alphabet letters with Phonics to print with alphabets in multi colors. A4 printable template flash card with large clear alphabets to print. Phonic flash cards for learning.

This free alphabet flash card template with Uppercase phonic letters is great for teachers and children.

You can print and use these free flash cards in your classroom or home. Suitable for early learners.

26 alphabets in uppercase format ( Phonics ). Each letter is associated with a picture.

Color: Multi colored letters

Phonic Alphabet Flash Cards in Capital Uppercase - Colored

Template Preview

This flash card template is printable in pdf format. A4 3 pages

Alphabet Letter Flash Cards Uppercase Colored

Alphabet Letter Flash Cards Uppercase Phonics in a Colored Theme

Download PDF Template

Contains 3 pages with A to Z letters.


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